Our main lecture hall with a bar, a stage and variable seating style. If you already have a lecture, a larger workshop, Hackathon, or more formal event TeaSpot it is a perfect place that we can adapt to your needs. The advantage is a direct link with the outer space to extend your events and the lobbies debate outside the main area.


Fully equipped AV space - full HD projector, presenter, 3 wireless microphones, audio-mixer with output for the camera, even sound distribution throughout the room, the possibility of online audio-video streaming and recording of your event. WiFi and fixed internet connection and of course there are flipcharts.

The maximum capacity of 50 people in theater-seating, or 20 when sitting at tables during workshops.

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RED room

Small meeting room suitable for 7 people sitting at the table with possibility of 4 additional chairs. Space is equipped with big whiteboard, teleconference TV, WiFi with high speed internet access.

Suitable for meetings, teleconferencing, small workshops, etc.

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